Programmable LED Lightboxes for the 21st Century

HueBox can be easily programmed using a portable memory card and controller unit. This allows thousands of individually controllable LEDs to display professionally animated video loops of your product, brand or message, with or without sound.

Your HueBox, your way

Manufactured in the UK, HueBox can be any size from 520mm upwards in modular increments of either 480mm or 960mm. All parts are serviceable and replaceable and any HueBox can be re-imagined and repurposed into a different size or configuration due to it’s modular nature.

Unique impact on your audience

HueBox can be specified by you to suit your own promotional needs and goals. Anything is possible, from a simple LED lightbox display to a full wall with high impact dynamic animation and sound.

You can either add animation yourself or let our experienced animators do it for you.