Modular LED Light boxes

All our HueBox fabric displays are built with the HueBox modular display system which starts from frame only through to full dynamic animated lightboxes. Start with a frame and upgrade to any size with or without animation. Modular displays give ultimate flexibility.

Internal lighting ranges from edge lit static to having an independently controllable LED every 2cm in our Pro HueBox’s. Our animation team will work with you and your brand to turn on attention.


Designed around its versatile 120mm modular aluminium profile holding stretched silicon edge fabric graphics, HueBox light boxes can stand on their own feet, be wall mounted or even suspended in a range of configurations including advanced ceiling lighting.

Flexible LED Light boxes

HueBox uses a double sided modular 120mm aluminium profile for displaying up to 2 silicone edge graphics - changeable by hand. Despite the fixed modular sizes HueBox can be made to any fixed size - just ask.


  • Dynamic

    Our boxes use individually addressable LED's meaning we can control the exact brightness of each light individually

  • Detailed

    Over 600 LEDs per square meter allow for detailed scenes to be created

  • Dynamic Colours

    Available options include full RGB lighting capable of showing over 16 million different colours.

Freestanding or Wall Hanging LED Light boxes

All frames come with wall hanging brackets, feet for freestanding and caves for suspension. Frame only designs can be lit by external exhibition lighting. They can also be used to dress gantry and truss systems and lit using lights that hang from that system.

HP Latex Printing

HueBox service also offers advanced fabric printing using the widest colour range HP Latex printers. We can deal with your unique sizing requirements and can offer professional advice and help around more complex projects.

Fabric Graphics

  • Flexible

    Fabrics are flexible, and go taut when installed ensuring a a seamless and wrinkle-free installation every time.

  • Durable

    Fabric is much more forgiving than other printed graphics and stays looking new for longer.

  • Vibrant

    Printed using the widest colour gamut HP Latex printers

  • Silicon Edge

    A silicone strip along each edge sewn directly to the graphic, is then inserted into a groove on the frame. No tools required.

  • Eco friendly

    All graphics are printed using eco-friendly Greenguard HP Latex ink


  • Highlight

    Animate text or highlight important features.

  • Play videos

    Play videos behind your product to add atmosphere to your brand, with animations that complement your brand without distracting from it.

  • Bespoke Animations

    Our professional team of animators can work with you to make your vision a reality.

Mounting options

  • Freestanding

    Removable feet are provided for floor mounted boxes, providing a sturdy base for the lightbox to be freestanding.

  • Wall mounted

    With provided brackets our boxes can be mounted on, or in walls or furniture.

  • Suspended

    Suspension cables allow HueBoxes to be hung from the ceiling. The reinforced frame is strong enough to not bow.