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LED Lightboxes can help you stand out from the crowd

LED Lightboxes can help you stand out from the crowd like never before. LED lightboxes have progressed a lot in recent years, and they now offer a unique way to stand out from the crowd and in particular stand out from your competitors.
Stand out from the crowd

LED Lightboxes can enhance your brand

LED Lightboxes are now capable of delivering animation and movement in a way that will enhance your brand name and attract the attention of potential customers. The blend of graphics and motion will create a unique experience.

LED Lightboxes work in many setting from Airports, travel, exhibitions, events, sports & leisure to retail.

The graphics and animation are very flexible and can be specifically designed to fit with your brand guidelines. You can use your choice of colours, graphics, font, and layout so that it is clearly your brand that is being promoted.

LED Lightboxes with RGB

A dynamic LED Lightbox can make use of RGB to substantially widen the range of colours available. With RGB you can choose from over 16 million colours to get exactly the right image you want to convey.

You are no longer limited to a small range of colours which may have been the case in the past. Take time to consider the benefits that a wider colour choice will give you.

Flexible design lightboxes

LED Lightboxes are modular and can be designed to fit into a wide range of spaces. They are available in increments of 0.5 meter and up to 5 metres by 10 metres. Sound can also be added but remember to specify this at the planning stage.

For example, you could create a dynamic LED box to go the entire length of a wall which will create a lasting impression on passers-by.

Dynamic LED Lightboxes can have graphics that are easy to change

Use a dynamic LED lightbox for a particular promotion and the change it by doing a software update at any time. The LED lightbox can remain in position with all the changes easily made with a plug in to the side of the lightbox.

Imagine a promotion in a retail environment with a sale that is end of season and runs for four weeks. Once that promotion is finished swap over to a new presentation with ease.

Alternatively imagine a busy travel hub where you wish to change the messaging. This can easily be achieved with new graphics added to a dynamic lightbox.

Promotion for the 21st Century

Dynamic LED Lightboxes are a coming of age for lighting technology. They have set the bar much higher in terms of lighting versatility and complexity. The days of static lightboxes with limited choice have been overtaken by a newer and more dynamic technology.

The new visual promotion will appeal more to the imagination of your audience by showing them something that is unique and interesting.

Get help with LED Lightboxes

LED Lightboxes can help you stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in knowing more about how to achieve this, then please get in touch with us at HueBoxhttps://www.huebox.co.uk/.

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