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LED Lightboxes make a great display

LED Lightboxes are now at the forefront of display advertising. The technological advancement in recent years mean that they re now capable of so much more.
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Let’s have a look at some of the progress that has been made.

LED Lightboxes create great first impressions.

As Will Rogers or Oscar Wilde said, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" This quote was true then and is still true today and it applies to every business environment.

Using a combination of light, colour, movement, and sound in a display is one of the most effective ways to create positive first impressions in a lot of environments. These elements can now be found in up-to-date dynamic LED lightboxes.

LED Lightboxes can now be combined with animation to create a dazzling impression on the passer by. Have a look at the HueBox video of a sports trainer below. This video will catch the attention of passers-by and leave a lasting impression.

Click on the YouTube link below to see the video.


LED Lightbox animation open up a lot of avenues for creativity

Now that animation is available, it opens up huge potential for the modern LED Lightbox.

The animation can be bespoke and created for your product only. This means that you can use your own colours, logos and images in an animated display.

What you will need is to think carefully about the message you want to deliver before you start the animation process. The animation should not be too long and is primarily visual.

The video example attached above is only 30 seconds.

LED Lightbox animation can build your brand identity

It is probably a good idea to produce more than one animation. You will want to refresh the animation on an agreed schedule.

Take the example of an exhibition where you want to display a variety of products throughout the day. You could have different animation for each product group which can be programmed to run on an agreed schedule.

Another example might be an animation in a travel hub where the products being promoted need to be changed on a regular basis or the time of the day.

Dynamic LED Lighboxes for a variety of environments

Dynamic LED Lightboxes can go into a wide variety of environments. They are suitable for retail, exhibitions, events, airports, health & fitness, and travel to name but a few.

They are modular and can be produced in a variety of sizes. They can be free standing or wall hanging depending on your specification.

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