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LED Lightboxes that will fit around your creativity

LED Lightboxes have developed and can now be specified so they will fit with your creative ideas for a creative display.
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Dynamic LED Lightboxes today can be flexible on size, colours, movement, and sound so that you can create the display that will wow your audience.

The size of LED Lightboxes is flexible

LED Lightboxes are now modular and can be combined to fit even the largest wall.

You can specify an LED Lightboxes in sizes as shown below.

  • Portrait 1000mm x 1960mm up to 2440mm x 2920mm
  • Square 1960mm x 1960mm up to 2920mm x 2920mm
  • Landscape 1960mm x 1000mm up to 9160mm x 2440mm

This variety of sizes and shapes will give a huge range to choose from.

You could cover an entire wall in one continuous LED Lightbox with animation What an impression that would give.

The colour choice for an LED Lightbox is huge

The colour choice in a modern LED lightbox is enormous. The ultimate choice comes if your LED Lightbox has RBG (Red, Green, and Black) where you can choose from over six million colours.

This ability to choose from a wide range of colours means that your display can perfectly fit with your brand colours or offer you a whole new range of new colours to be creative with.

When you combine your choice of colours with some creative animation, then you can create something very special and memorable.

LED Lightboxes now have animation

Static LED Lightboxes still have their place in some environments, but it has become more difficult to catch people’s attention. This is where movement and animation come in.

Take the example of a busy traveller going through and airport or in a rail station. What will attract their attention away from looking at their phones or any other distraction. It must be something creative and stimulating. An LED Lightbox with animation for say 30 seconds will deliver this instant message and get your brand identity across.

Another example could be at an Exhibition where you are trying to capture the attention of visitors. They are busy places and there will be a lot of competition for their attention. You will need something that stands out from the crowd and differentiate you from your competitors. A dynamic lightbox with animation is just the job for this.

Get help with LED Lightboxes

If you need help and advice with LED Lightboxes, HueBox are leading the recent innovations in this arena. Why not get in touch and see if we can help you with your creative ideas.

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LED Lightboxes with animation

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