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LED Lightboxes will attract the attention of travellers

Led lightboxes will attract the attention of travellers because they are dynamic and exciting. It is now possible to have LED Lightboxes that are capable of dynamic animation in a huge range of design and colours. This new generation of LED Lightboxes must be seen to be believed.
Coloured LEDs

LED Lightboxes are especially suited to catching the attention of people who are passing by and only take a few seconds to look, such as travellers in busy airports or travel hubs.

Catch the attention of travellers

Travellers are busy and have limited time to spare. They are used to seeing high quality and imaginative images daily, so a static image is unlikely to attract a lot of attention.

A dynamic LED Lightbox can deliver a strong message using light, movement, and colour in a creative way that will attract their attention.

Stand out from the crowd with an LED Lightbox

There is already a lot of competition for the attention of the weary traveller. If you want to stand out from your competition an deliver a unique experience, then you need to try something new and innovative.

The ability to have a unique dynamic LED Lightbox with programmable animation will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Traveller’s expectations have changed

The expectation of travellers who are living in a modern tech driven world has changed. The expectation levels have gone up. The generations travelling today are used to high quality and dynamic graphics and will probably ignore anything that does not stimulate their imagination.

There is also a change in the demographics of travellers. There is a significant increase in the proportion of young and less affluent travellers which you need to factor in. By 2025 this group ( Generation Y and Z) will make up 50% of all passengers in airports ( Source: Bain & Co)

An LED Lightbox can excite and turn on their attention with an imaginative use of light, movement and colour and appeal to a younger age group. For example, an LED Lightbox that covers an entire wall will stand out and tap into their imagination.

Target Leisure travellers with imaginative product and brand images

Leisure travellers are a big target in airports and other travel hubs. They are a captive audience with time on their hands.

Catch their attention with great use of light and dynamic movement. LED Lightboxes with RGB can deliver any colour from a range of 16 million. This means that you can show your brand identity in your own brand colours with movement and sound.

HueBox are at the forefront of LED Lightboxes

HueBox can now deliver the world’s most dynamic LED Lightboxes which are perfectly suited to airports and travel hubs. Why not get in touch if you want to know more.