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LED Lightboxes will boost your advertising campaigns

LED Lightboxes are now at the forefront of developments in display advertising technology. Advertisers are staring to embrace these developments by using dynamic LED Lightboxes that have a wide range of capabilities and great flexibility.
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Let’s look at some of these developments in more detail.

LED Lightboxes are great for brand promotion

The new generation of LED Lightboxes are capable of being programmed so that you display your brand with your own animations. This will bring your brand identity to life and attract attention. It can also differentiate you from your competitors.

You can have a variety of programmes written so the advertising display can be varied according to your advertising plans. No need to replace a static display when you can just run a new set of programmes. This should help with your advertising budgets.

The range of colours is extensive with an LED Lightbox. Choose the right colour combination and the impact can be dramatic.

If you choose RGB, there are over 16 million colours to choose from. You can match your brand colours and try developing some new ones for your brand development.

LED Lightboxes are great for large displays

If you are trying to make an impression as an advertiser, then size does matter. LED Lightboxes are available in modular form and can be as large as 9160mm x 2440mm (landscape design). Imagine an entire wall with a LED Lightbox which is promoting your brand.

There are settings where a large display will work like Airports, Shopping centres, Events, Hotels, and Exhibition to mention a few.

LED Lightboxes can also be used as ceiling lighting, and this can have pronounced impact in a large space.

LED Lightboxes are versatile

The versatility of LED Lightboxes is extensive. You can display a very wide range of images/ animations on an LED Lightbox whether it is a version of your logo or showing off your latest fashion designs. The lightbox can be designed to help deliver your advertising goals.

You can customise your display for colour, size, profile, brightness and whether it is animated or not. You can vary these setting based your plans or other factors that you want to factor in.

LED Lightboxes have longevity

LED Lightboxes can last a long time so long as they are property maintained and stored when not in use.

You can get multiple uses of your dynamic LED Lightbox by updating the programming and using the new programme to display your new advertising campaign. These changes can be done many times and this extends the useful life of the Lightbox.

The frame is made of sustainable lightweight aluminium which is strong enough to suspend or hang on a wall. It is built to last.

Get help with LED Lightboxes

If you need help and advice on LED Lightboxes for advertising displays, HueBox are leading the recent innovations in this area. Why not get in touch and see if we can help you with your plans and ideas.

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