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LED Lightboxes with animation

LED Lightboxes with animation are no longer something that is on your wish list for the future, because they exists today. LED Lightbox technology has developed significantly in recent years so that you now have a very wide choice of what can be achieved.
3D Lightbox

How is animation possible with an LED Lightbox

Each of the LED’s in a lightbox are individually addressable as part of the animation effect. This allow for the technology to create some very interesting effects, especially if the LED’s are using RGB (Red, Green and Black).

The animation is programmed onto an SD card and the card is inserted into the control panel at the side of the lightbox. The SD card can host multiple animation so you can switch between animations when required.

The control of the animation along with the brightness and speed can be achieved using a remote control. This can be very convenient when you are working in a busy and crowded space. It is also simple to operate and does not need a lot of technical know-how.

LED Lightbox animation with sound

The animation effects can be complimented with sound using a MP3 file. This will help to create a very powerful and memorable visual presentation of your brand.

Bespoke animations

There is a lot of scope for creativity with your own bespoke animation. This can help you to promote your brand with some new ideas.

The day of having static backlit images is disappearing. Your audience expect high quality visuals and graphics that leave an impression.

Lightboxes with animation give great flexibility

Modern LED lightboxes with animation give you great flexibility in how to use them to promote your business.

If you are a seasonal business, you can change have set up animation for different seasons or promotions. Switching from one promotion to another is just a question of switching the animations and not a wholesale replacement. The Lightbox can therefore be reused many times which help with your sustainability goals also.

Another example is at Airports where a large lightbox where there is a change to the products being promoted. What is required is new programming for the new product or promotion and not a wholesale replacement.

There are endless examples of how LED Lightboxes with animation can be used.

Take advice on LED Lightboxes with animation

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