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Light up your brand with an LED Lightbox

Are you looking for developments in technology that will help you to promote your brand? Have you considered the developments in LED Lightboxes that now offer a whole new level of possibilities to help you light up your brand?
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Light and movement from an LED Lightbox will draw attention

To make an impression, you need to capture the attention of people who will see your displays. Their attention is already crowded with images and videos on smart phones, so it needs to be something special to catch their attention. You need to show them something imaginative and unique.

LED Lightboxes now have the capacity to shown unique displays with animation. Put on an animated display which promotes your brand and is completely unique to you. You will then capture their attention.

LED Lightboxes work in a variety of settings

The new generation of LED Lightboxes can go anywhere.

New dynamic LED Lightboxes are versatile in several different ways.They can be free standing, wall mounted on their own feet or suspended from above in a range of configurations including advanced ceiling lighting.

Because the lightboxes are modular, they can be made in a wide variety of sizes and fit a small or a very large space. For example, they can be designed to cover an entire wall if needed.

This means that LED Lightboxes are suitable for a wide range of environments including:

  • Exhibitions
  • Retail
  • Airports.
  • Transport Hubs
  • Events
  • Health & Fitness

The programming in the LED Lightbox can be updated to run a variety of animations as to suit the individual circumstances. For example, you might want to have an LED Lightbox with animation for the Summer period and then change the display for the Autumn display

LED light and colour will bring your brand to life

Bring your brand to life will need a mixture of the right size lightbox combined with a good design.

The design will require the right level of lighting combined with a good choice of colours. An LED Lightbox with RBG with allow you to choose from over 16 millions colours so you should not have any issue choosing colours that fit with your brand identity.

Go big with a dynamic LED Lightbox

To make a big impact at an event you sometimes must go big with your LED Lightbox.

With the modular nature of LED Lightboxes this does not present any major issues.

This flexibility with the sizing will allow you to design your lightbox to fit with the size of your ambition.

Take advice on LED Lightboxes and promote your brand

If you would like to know more about LED Lightboxes and brand promotion, please get in touch with us at HueBox and we would be happy to advise and help. We are very knowledgeable on all aspects of LED Lightboxes and the possibilities it presents.

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