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The benefits of LED Lightboxes

LED Lightboxes are now taking the lead in visual displays in a variety of environments. They are being used to create unique branded displays which can attract the attention of any passing audience.
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Let’s have a look at some of the advancements that make LED Lightboxes so compelling.

LED Lightboxes can be programmed

LED Lightboxes are now capable of so much more using programming. The programming can easily be loaded using a portable memory card. This allows the LED Lightbox to display animated videos with or without sound.

It also means that the animated videos can easily be changed according to your marketing plans. It requires some updated programs which can be added with a new memory card. This will help to control costs as you change your marketing displays throughout the year.

Imaging having your LED Lightbox showing a promotion for a short period and then immediately changing to another presentation as soon as the promotion ends. The changeover can be smooth and seamless.

Let the moving image do the talking with a LED Lightbox. A picture, and in particular a moving picture paints a thousand words.

LED Lightboxes are modular and flexible

LED Lightboxes are modular and can be configured in increments to almost any size needed.

This gives you great flexibility to choose whether you want an LED Lightbox to run along an entire wall or to go higher with more vertical reach.

LED Lightboxes can be free standing so that they can be moved when needed. They can also be easily stored and re-used when needed. Alternatively, they can be fixed to walls/ other structures or raised higher up and used in the ceiling.

They are well suited to a range of environments which will include Airports/Travel hubs through to Exhibitions, Retail and Events

This broad flexibility opens a wide range of possibilities.

Great use of colour with LED Lightboxes

An LED Lightbox using RGB gives you a choice from over 16 million colour variants. This means that you can use your brand colours in any visual display in a creative manner.

You can also experiment with new colours so that your visual display makes a great impression.

LED Lightboxes are also seriously bright. This means that your display and the colours you choose will catch the attention of the passing audience.

LED Lightboxes will stand out

The purpose of a good display/ promotion is to stand out so that you attract the attention of passer byes. It is becoming difficult to achieve this with older static displays which your audience may not pay attention to.

You need to be delivering a unique experience which engages your audiences and an LED Lightbox with movement can deliver this.

HueBox are leading the way with LED Lightboxes

HueBox are at the forefront of Dynamic LED Lightbox development and would welcome the opportunity to discuss LED Lightboxes with you. Why not get in touch.

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