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Use LED Lightboxes to create atmosphere

Lighting plays an essential part in how brands communicate to their target audience. Lighting, in particular LED lighting allows you to create interesting spaces with atmosphere
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There are now a huge variety of colours and sizes available in LED Lightboxes for creating an atmosphere in a wide variety of settings. Modern LED lightboxes are also energy efficient and sustainable.

Let’s look at some pf the way that LED lightboxes can create atmosphere.

Wall mounted LED Lightboxes with flexible sizes

Wall mounted LED Lightboxes are a great way to draw attention to a particular area. You can choose the right size of the lightbox to suit your setting.

For example, HueBox LED Lightboxes vary in size as shown below.

Portrait: 1000mm x 1960mm up to 2440mm x 2920mm

Square: 1960mm x 1960mm up to 2920mm x 2920mm

Landscape:1960mm x 1000mm up to 9160mm x 2440mm

They can create a great atmosphere and a great lasting impression. Imagine an LED Lightbox of over 9 meters displaying your brand name with animation in say an airport, train station, hotel, Gym, or similar setting where there are long wall spaces. They will create a great atmosphere whatever their size.

LED Lightboxes with animation

The choices now available with LED Lightboxes are extensive and include the facility to have your own animation.

In the past the main choice was to have static Lightbox with background or edge lit support. You can still get LED Lightboxes that are edge lit, but the present and the future in much more dynamic.

If you want to catch the attention of passing visitors today, then you need something that will create the right atmosphere and get their attention.

Imagine a LED Lightbox with animation that shows your brand name or main product in a short colour animation. Put this at the front of a shop window and you will get people’s attention.

Ceiling LED Lightboxes can add atmosphere to any space

Ceiling lighting using a dynamic LED Lightbox can add impact to a wide area.

They can make part of a display area stand out whether in a retail setting, events,exhibition or similar.

Choose what colours you want and programme it easily for times of the day or night.

The new LED Lightboxes are run with a plug-in controller to give you easy access and control.

One lightbox with many options

Once you have acquired a dynamic LED Lightbox, this is only the start of the story.

You can update the programming to change the animation and the message. This will immediately change the atmosphere to suit the setting.

Imaging that you are using a Dynamic LED Light for a Christmas feature and want to switch to a New Year sale theme, then this is possible with updated programming. You can change the animation and the colours being used to create the right atmosphere for a new year sale.

Take advice on LED Lightboxes that create atmosphere

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us at HueBox and we would be happy to help. WE are very knowledgeable on all aspects of LED Lightboxes.

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