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Why are LED Lightboxes so effective at delivering impact?

LED Lightboxes are rapidly being acknowledged as one of the most effective promotional and advertising tools available today. Their growing popularity across a broad range of settings is testament to their effectiveness whilst a lot of market research is reinforcing this position by highlighting this with results-focused data.
Two HueBox's in a retail setting, wall mounted

LED Lightboxes are effectively next-generation illuminated advertising media

Research is able to prove that – compared to static signage - illuminated advertising and promotion attracts a significantly higher customer footfall with better and faster customer targeting and processing, which can deliver a significant increase in consequential enquiries and sales.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder (actually the customer)

Promotional messaging and signage that uses colour and illumination is hugely more likely to catch a customer’s attention than a static poster or sign ever will.

Humans are naturally attracted to light and movement and will prioritise any media that delivers its messaging in this way whilst ‘demoting’ or ignoring less dynamic offerings from static media.

LED Lightboxes are effective in lots of different promotional settings

LED Lightboxes are highly effective promotional tools across an ever growing list of promotional settings including:

  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Showrooms – multiple sectors
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Nightclubs – indoor and outdoor promotions
  • Airports – Promotional displays for duty free, branding and lounges
  • Train stations
  • Corporate premises’ and events
  • General outdoor advertising
  • Retail – point of sale promotions
  • Healthcare – hospitals and clinics

The list is endless and evidence points to the increasing success of LED Lightboxes gaining adoption in ever increasing numbers across a growing number of promotional scenarios.

LED Lightboxes have lots of advantages over competitive solutions

As a promotional medium, LED Lightboxes have a number of advantages over static non-lit or fluorescent-lit signage and displays.

Not least amongst these is visual impact.

This technology can deliver messages and brand awareness that look visually stunning as well as being informative or educational.

In this context, the promotional and marketing benefits of using LED Lightbox technology allow advertising signage to move to the next level in terms of impact, versatility and ROI.

In addition, there are a few technical advantages over older fluorescent tube designs:

  • LEDs are energy efficient. – The use much less power than fluorescent lighting.
  • Endurance and longevity. – LEDs can be used for long periods of ‘always on’ time whilst remaining power conservative and cost effective.
  • LED Lightboxes are a much greener technology that previous solutions and have a reduced carbon footprint.
  • LED Lightboxes can be built using white light or RGB with plain or printed fabric frontage.
  • The latest advance in LED Lightbox technology allows full colour animation. – Stunning high impact message delivery.

Every LED Lightbox setting is unique to each customer

At HueBox we are at the forefront of LED Lightbox technology and have a huge amount of expertise and commercial experience when it comes to display-led marketing and promotion.

We have learned that every customer situation is different with a unique set of messages and goals.

As a result, we have created a flexible architecture approach to our industry-leading LED technology and can deliver either off the shelf LED Lightboxes or fully customised solutions for your specific needs.

Why not come and talk to us to explore the possibilities and let us show you how we can help.