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Why are LED Lightboxes so effective?

With the advent of a new generation of LED lightboxes the answer to the question ‘why are LED Lightboxes so effective’ is interesting to look at in more detail
ED Lighting with a cocktail glass

LED Lightboxes are suitable for a variety of setting

LED Lightboxes are versatile because they can be produced in range of sizes and configurations that will suit almost any place you want to catch the attention of an audience.

The Lightboxes are modular so can be designed for smaller or larger settings. They can be fixed to the wall, be free standing or be suspended from the ceiling.

Below is a list of some of the venues where an LED Lightbox will work. It is nor a comprehensive list since the possibilities are endless.

  • Retail
  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Transport Hubs
  • Airports
  • Health & Fitness

LED Lightboxes with programming adds a new dimension

The 21st Century LED Lightbox can be easily programmed using a portable memory card and controller unit. This allows thousands of individually controllable LEDs to display professionally animated video loops of your product, brand or message, with or without sound.

This programming will appeal to a modern audience whose expectations have risen. Why not stimulate your target audience while you catch their attention.

LED Lightboxes are Eco-friendly

LED Lightboxes are eco-friendly and sustainable for a number of reasons. Here are a few to consider.

Energy Efficient-LED’s are energy efficiency compared to other forms of lighting. According to Science ABC:

“LED (or Light Emitting Diode) lights have become quite a worldwide sensation due to their energy efficiency and long-lasting characteristics. LED lights are capable of converting 30-40% of the consumed energy into light” ( Science ABC)

LED lightboxes are re-usable

LED Lightboxes ban be used many times with a change in the programming. Take an example of a retail setting where the display needs to change according to the seasonal sales. This requires re-programming instead of a complete replacement of the lightbox thereby being eco-friendly and cost effective at the same time.

LED Lightboxes offer a huge range of colours

The range of colours available with RGB LED’s ( Red, Green and Blue) extends to a choice of over 16 million.

We are not suggesting that you overload your display with different colours, but you can choose the colours that fit with your brand identity.

They also give you the ability to experiment with new colours that you may not have considered before.

Take advice on LED Lightboxes

If you would like to know more about LED Lightboxes and the possibilities they present, please get in touch with us at HueBox and we would be happy to advise and help. We are very knowledgeable on all aspects of LED Lightboxes.

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