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Ashley Coker is the founder of HueBox, has always loved technology and has a background in software development and exhibition design.

With a deep understanding of software development, Ashley is able to bring a unique perspective to his designs. He realized that there was a lack of dynamic LED lightboxes on the market, and saw the potential for these types of displays to create an immersive and engaging experience. He started HueBox to fill this gap in the market.

His passion for technology and design is evident in the quality of the lightboxes that HueBox produces. Each one is designed and built with attention to detail, using the latest technology to create a truly immersive experience for viewers. He leads a team of engineers and designers to work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and create custom lightboxes that are tailored to their event or exhibition.

Ashley's innovative approach, and entrepreneurial spirit has made him successful in the field of technology and design. He continues to lead HueBox, creating visually stunning experiences that capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression.

Ashley Coker